Quirky Design Ideas for Unwanted Laminate Flooring

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So you’ve decided to redecorate your bathroom or toilet by putting in new laminate flooring, and you love the result – after all, laminate looks great! But no matter how well you think you measured your bathrooms floor, you still have some laminate left over, right? Of course it’s always good to have some spare planks just in case one gets damaged and one needs replacing, but what do you do with the rest of the leftovers?

Well there’s little point trying to sell your left over laminate, so why don’t you use them to make some quirky design items that will be unique to your home and your home only?

Laminate flooring planks are very durable and versatile, which makes them a great starting point for a variety of home items. The arts and crafts possibilities are almost endless with laminate; you can decoupage, paint, drill, saw and glue them to make whatever inimitable item you like. Here are just a few ideas:

Clothes Hanger

With a little DIY and elbow grease, a plank of laminate flooring can make a great clothes hanger. The hanger can be mounted to the wall in your bathroom or on the back of the door to hang your dressing gown whilst you shower or to hold your PJs during the day.

All you’ll need is some hooks or pegs (or even spare knobs from the kitchen cupboards) and some wall fixtures to mount the board.

Photo Frames

Extra laminate boards can make great photographic wall art or photo frames. Just measure the size of the boards, print your photographs to fit and stick them to it. If you want to make more frames out of the laminate you have left over then just cut them up into pieces with a saw. Don’t forget to measure them first!

Candle Holder

One of the more simple ideas for transforming leftover laminate into something wonderfully whimsical is a candle holder. Simply glue a couple of ceramic saucers onto the plank and place a small candle or tea light onto each saucer.

Table Mats

Unwanted laminate planks can easily be transformed into table or place mats by simply cutting them to the size you require. Measure out the size of the mat you would like, mark the measurements with a pen or pencil and use a saw to cut them to size. Then just sand off the edges to make sure they are smooth and ready for the dinner table.

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